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A. Laksmana Swamy (biographie)

     A. Lakshmana Swamy est un interprète et chorégraphe de Bharata-Nāṭyam. Né en Malaisie, il suit ses premiers cours avec SMt. Veera Venugopal de la Bharata-Kalañjali (Malaisie). Puis, installé à Chennai, il s’oriente vers l’enseignement de K.J. Sarasa, figure importante de la scène traditionnelle, qui dirige la ‘Sarasalaya’. Il a aussi été instruit en musique carnatique auprès de Smt. Sarojini Sunderasan, disciple d’Alathoor Sri Ventakesa Iyer.      

Son parcours de danse l’a aussi conduit à apprendre auprès des plus grands piliers de la danse, tels que Professeur Smt. Sudharani Raghupathy, Professeur C. V. Chandrashekar et Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan. En tant qu’interprète masculin, A. Lakshmana Swamy s’est forgé une importante réputation. En parallèle de ses performances de solistes, il a également pris part à de nombreux rôles au sein de drames dansés.

     Depuis 1994, il dirige la ‘Nrithyalakshana’, institut des arts de la scène classique où il enseigne le Bharata-Nāṭyam dans sa forme la plus authentique et conduit de nombreux disciples à l’arangetram.

     Se produisant dans les plus prestigieux sabha-s de Chennai, il a participé à de nombreux festivals à travers l’Inde. Il se produit régulièrement en France, en Malaisie, au Royaume-Uni et au Japon.

     Il a reçu de nombreux titres et récompenses : ‘Natanamamani’ (Kartik Fine Arts) ‘Acharya Choodamani’ (Krishna Gana Sabha), ‘Vani Kala Nipuna’ (Brahma Gana Sabha), ‘Bharatha Kala Ratna’ (Shree Bharatalaya), ‘Swayam Prakasha Narthaka’ (Sarasalaya).


     Lakshman was born in Malaysia, and drew great inspiration to learn and perform Bharata-Nāṭyam. Initiated into the art under Guru Smt. Veera Venugopal of Bharatha Kalanjali (Malaysia), and later, shifting to Chennai, he came under the direct tutelage of the well renowned and highly acclaimed Guru  K. J. Sarasa at “Sarasalaya”.

     Learning and teaching dance at the institute has made him in good stead. He has also had the opportunity to learn under the greatest stalwarts in the field- Professor Smt. Sudharani Raghupathy, Professor C. V. Chandrashekar and abhinaya exponent Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan. He continues his journey into Bharata-Nāṭyam  as a performer of great repute and a much sought after teacher.

     He heads “Nrithyalakshana” an institute for classical arts in Chennai where he imparts training in Bharata-Nāṭyam in its most authentic and pure form.

     Besides performing as a seasoned artist at the prestigious sabha-s in Chennai, Lakshman has participated in a number of national dance festivals throughout the country. He has extensively travelled in France, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and Japan. He is an empanelled artist of the ICCR and a graded artist of the Doordarshan (India).

     He is the recipient of a number of celebrated awards. He was awarded The Best Dancer award from The Indian Fine Arts Society, the Dharama Varappu Sitarama Anjaneyulu Prize and the Rohini Krishnan Award from the Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. The Narada Gana Sabha awarded him the Sri Narasimhachari and Smt. Vasanthalakshmi prize. He has to his credit the titles of ‘Natanamamani’ from Kartik Fine Arts, ‘Bharatha Kala Ratna’ from Shree Bharatalaya, ‘Yuva Kala Bharathi’ from Bharath Kalachar and ‘Swayam Prakasha Narthaka’ from Sarasalaya.  The Madras Music Academy has recognised him as an able teacher through their award for Best Guru in the year 2006.


« […] doubly rewarding to watch an exceptionally rewarding Bharatanatyam performance by A. Lakshman […] The neatness in line was a typical feature of the performance. […] The dancer’s total immersion in the dance was there for all to see and the narrative sequences had special conviction. In the nritta parts executed with full laya control and joy in movement. […] What the dancer can become in the dance is more important and if any part of the recital pointed to the fact that Lakshman had `arrived’ as a dancer, it was his intensely felt portrayal of the quintessential eroticism of this Jayadeva lyric without self consciousness ». [Leela Venkataraman]

 « Lakshman, born for Bharatanatyam… As Lakshman stepped on the stage […] it was instantly evident that here was a dancer made for Bharata-Nāṭyam. His striking stage presence apart, he has expressive eyes and a beautiful physique….there was not a single jerky angularity and the adavus were chiselled to perfection.  The guru had incorporated a few graceful movements to bring out the tandava element and these Lakshman executed aesthetically […] » [Subbudu]

“ […] crisp execution and delicate artistry […] an example of intense devotion to the art and a genuine attempt at achieving perfection. His dance was characterized by crisp adavu execution and clean body symmetry.  His aramandi, which many cannot hold during a varnam, was in place right through, thereby, displaying his command over the movements.  His is what one would call joyous dancing, evident especially in the varnam in Nattakurinji where all the teermanams finished with pinpoint accuracy ». [Chitra Mahesh]

« A talented dancer, A. Lakshman stole the show in his role as Nandanar.  He excelled himself as an actor, rising to great heights in depicting the agony and ecstasy of Nandanar ». [T.S. Parthasarathy]

« Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum was a pastiche of Krishna’s low jinks and high love.  Lakshman stood out not because he was the best but because he looked the naughty, sprightly ‘black scoundrel’ of everyone’s dream ». [V.A.K. Ranga Rao]

« Lakshman’s abhinaya was visual poetry.  The mood of the piece came through with restrained dignity in his rendering ». [V.V.Ramani]

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